Grammar of Grace Foreign Languages Cycles 1–4 audio CDs (Bundle)

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The Cycles 14 Foreign Languages CDs contain all of the Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Dutch memory lessons for Grammar of Grace.  Total run time about 75 minutes.


The Grammar of Grace Cycles 14 Foreign Languages Audio CDs contain all of the Latin, Greek, & Hebrew lessons for Grammar of Grace, plus the bonus Dutch lessons.

Sample Latin:

Sample Greek:

Sample Hebrew:

Sample Dutch:

Contents include:

  • Latin, Greek, & Hebrew alphabets and phonics
  • The Lord’s Prayer in Latin
  • The 2 Great Commandments in Greek
  • The “Shema” in Hebrew
  • And More 🙂

Children have an amazing capacity for learning language; preschool and grammar school age are ideal for exposing them to foreign languages.  We—Christian heirs of the Reformation—value teaching the biblical languages especially, because we want our children to know and understand God’s Word, and we understand how helpful it is to have access to it in the original Greek and Hebrew!  But a huge portion of Christian writings, even through the Reformation, are in Latin, making it a valuable language for children to understand as well.  Latin is a bridge to Greek, and Greek is a bridge to Hebrew.

2 reviews for Grammar of Grace Foreign Languages Cycles 1–4 audio CDs (Bundle)

  1. Theresa (verified owner)

    The foreign language part of the Grammar of Grace curriculum made me the most nervous. Since I did not have the opportunity to learn any of these languages in school I was not sure I could effectively teach my children.
    My first thought was maybe to leave the foreign language part out & focus on the rest. Not wanting to give in to doubts & fears I started working through them on my own. I soon realized how difficult it would be for me to learn a new language on my own so I ordered the cd bundle & found it extremely helpful. Using them as a help & guide encouraged me in thinking maybe I could do this? When I started incorporating the languages in our learning process my children loved it! They, with their young amazing sponge like minds, we’re picking it up nicely & they were getting quite excited about it. It became one of their favorite parts of the curriculum. They especially loved learning the alphabet in the different languages & when my daughter got her first memory verse down she was so pleased.
    I would highly recommend these CDs as a guide. They are extremely helpful, especially if your new to foreign languages & need to make sure your pronunciation is correct & your not teaching it incorrectly. With my lack of knowledge in this area, I never dreamed I would be able to teach my children foreign languages. Thank you for this resource!

  2. Christina Villegas

    These 4 Foreign Languages CD’s have been my very faithful resources during our last 4 Cycles of learning beginners Latin, Greek, Hebrew & Dutch. Our daughters, now ages 7,10 & 12 are currently on our second time around GOG (for long-term retention) and our family is still faithfully using them to confirm proper pronunciations of alphabet and biblical scriptures for all 4 languages. Honestly, we could have not done it without them! Thank you!

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