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What People Are Saying about Grammar of Grace…

Finding a curriculum that fit our biblical principals and fit that “one room school house” environment that we were looking for was a challenge to find. This curriculum checked all of our boxes. We love it because not only does it use the bible as its foundation, it’s something that I can use with my 6 year old all the way to my 14 year old. It’s also an amazing program to use as a true classical school or co-op. We actually use this entire program as a classical school and all of our families stay on the same page keeping all of us accountable to one another. The knowledge that my kids have gained from this program is unreal. I only wish we had it from the beginning!

Audrie F., homeschooling mother of 6

I just LOVE this curriculum! My daughter teaches Grammar of Grace to my grandchildren so I have been able to observe first hand the results. These children excitedly quote Scripture, are learning Latin & Greek, are impressive readers AND writers, and (frankly) know more about history than I EVER learned! Having a Christian & Bible based curriculum is truly preparing these children for their futures as strong & motivated young adults who will KNOW how to defend their faith and be able to discern the truth from whatever the world throws at them!

Lynda O., Robyn’s mom

When I began homeschooling, I knew that the young years of my children were the most important for immersing them in the Word. But with the well-known “classical-style” curriculum whose Motto was “To Know God and To Make Him Known” that I was using, I quite often would find myself overwhelmed and disappointed that we were shortchanging God by not learning more about him and his word daily. I love the Lord because I got to know Him through His Word, I fear Him, respect Him and needed more of Him in our daily lives, and I couldn’t figure out how to consolidate our homeschool curriculum with the Scriptures and get enough of it, where I didn’t feel I was shortchanging myself and my children from God’s truths.

With tears of gratitude, I looked over the Grammar of Grace Curriculum for the first time… Every single subject resounded as an echo in my heart, mind and soul as I read over it and what it included. … I was nothing short of AMAZED! …

Yep! We have been using it for two consecutive cycles to date and couldn’t be more delighted with the outcome! The moment the Grammar of Grace curriculum was placed in my hand I was almost certain that it was coming from God; it only took a few glimpses to confirm this truth and then two cycles (schoolyears) later, the Lord allows me the blessing to testify to how everything in this curriculum harmonizes perfectly together to make this an almost complete biblically sound homeschool curriculum! Of course if I had the option to only choose one book, guide or curriculum in the entire world, to use in homeschooling my children, without a doubt it would be “The Holy Bible” however now I have a helpful, accurate and biblically sound guide (Grammar of Grace curriculum) as a secondary daily reference in homeschooling my children and I couldn’t be more grateful to the Lord for Grammar Of Grace and its writer Robyn van Eck and her family for their warm welcome into their life of faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!! …

All I ask is that He will continue to bless our homeschool journey, families, communities and that he may continue to answer your prayers for guidance, patience and discipline every step of the way as you continue your homeschooling journey! Grace, love and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ be multiplied upon you and your family!

Christina V., small business owner and homeschooling mother of 3