Grammar of Grace Foreign Languages Cycle 3 audio CD

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The Cycle 3 Foreign Languages CD contains all of the Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Dutch memory lessons for Cycle 3.  Run time about 15 minutes.


The Grammar of Grace Cycle 1 Foreign Languages Audio contains all of the Latin, Greek, & Hebrew lessons for Cycle 3, plus the bonus Dutch lessons.

Sample Latin:

Sample Dutch:

Contents include:

  • “Let not your heart be troubled” Bible passage (John 14:1-4) in Latin
  • The 2 Greatest Commandments (Matt. 22:37-40) in Greek
  • The Priestly Blessing (Num. 6:23-26) in Hebrew

Children have an amazing capacity for learning language; preschool and grammar school age are ideal for exposing them to foreign languages.  We—Christian heirs of the Reformation—value teaching the biblical languages especially, because we want our children to know and understand God’s Word, and we understand how helpful it is to have access to it in the original Greek and Hebrew!  But a huge portion of Christian writings, even through the Reformation, are in Latin, making it a valuable language for children to understand as well.  Latin is a bridge to Greek, and Greek is a bridge to Hebrew.

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1 review for Grammar of Grace Foreign Languages Cycle 3 audio CD

  1. L West

    This CD has been very helpful in learning the foreign language portion of Grammar of Grace. I don’t always prepare thoroughly enough before time with figuring out pronunciation, etc., and it is nice to be able to play the verse we are currently learning to my child, especially as the verses have gotten longer by the 3rd Cycle. He enjoys listening to them and can get them memorized pretty quickly.

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