Foreign Languages Cycle 1 Audio

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Grammar of Grace
Foreign Languages Cycle 1 Audio

Excerpt from
Teacher's Guide
for Foreign Languages

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The Grammar of Grace Cycle 1 Foreign Languages Audio contains all of the Latin, Greek, & Hebrew lessons for Cycle 1, plus the bonus Dutch lessons.  These Audios supplement Grammar of Grace Homeschool Curriculum.

Contents include:

  • Latin, Greek, & Hebrew alphabets and phonics
  • Short Bible verses in Latin and Greek
  • Introductory words & phrases in Hebrew

Also included are the first few pages of the “Teacher’s Guide for Foreign Languages”, from Grammar of Grace, which give an overview of how the Audio can best be used in the homeschool grammar school!

Children have an amazing capacity for learning language; preschool and grammar school age are ideal for exposing them to foreign languages.  We—Christian heirs of the Reformation—value teaching the biblical languages especially, because we want our children to know and understand God’s Word, and we understand how helpful it is to have access to it in the original Greek and Hebrew!  But a huge portion of Christian writings, even through the Reformation, are in Latin, making it a valuable language for children to understand as well.  Latin is a bridge to Greek, and Greek is a bridge to Hebrew.