Trivium Tidbit: An Idol

February 1, 2020
February 1, 2020 Robyn Van Eck

Trivium Tidbit: An Idol

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

Excerpted from Grammar of Grace.

In the early years of my motherhood, from time to time, a question would prick my conscience:  If you could only teach your child to be Godly, or to be literate, which would you choose?

I love learning.  I loved everything I learned in school, and I still love to learn about science, history, literature, languages, and anything else that crosses my path.  When I considered this question, for several years, I reflected that being Godly should include being literate so we could read and understand God’s Word; and happily concluded that a choice need not be made.  But do you see what I did there?  The thought of my child being truly Godly and yet uneducated in the eyes of the world was so repulsive to me that I could not bear it.  I knew better than to choose literacy over Godliness, so I avoided that uncomfortable conclusion by refusing to choose.

But the Lord continued to soften my heart, until I realized this mistake, cast it aside, and now cry with conviction, If I could only teach my children to be Godly or literate, I would wholeheartedly choose Godliness!

Literacy has become an idol in our time, and many Christian parents believe we must follow the world’s education methods, because giving our children the “right” education is considered more important than anything else … even Godly character.

Isn’t it ironic that, in a century of worshipping the idol of literacy, the literacy level in our country has plummeted? 

But if we let go of the world’s idol, we find that not only have we chosen the better thing, but we will give our children a better education, after all.  “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Rather than Literacy, should not a Christian consider the primary goal of education to be Biblical Literacy?

This one was such a hard lesson for me.  I guess I had to let a little arrogance go… in the end, it really did boil down to fear of what other people would think of me (and my children).  But letting go of the things of this world and trusting God is always such an awesome ride, if I can use such light language to speak of it.  It starts with doubt, then fear, then cautious trust.  But once trust has replaced fear, it always ends up being a revelation!  God’s wisdom is so far beyond ours; what a wonder it is that He lets us know His wisdom!

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