Everyone Can Read, part 2

November 30, 2022
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November 30, 2022 Robyn Van Eck

Everyone Can Read, part 2

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Continued from Part 1

Literacy is not a neutral topic.

Literacy means that people can read God’s Word for themselves.  The demonic forces at work in this world are devoted to hiding God’s Word from people.

The world tells us that literacy is not a Christian or non-Christian topic; it’s basically neutral.  Everyone is in favor of literacy.

But this is not true.  Literacy is a Christian value, and those who oppose Christ also oppose literacy.

In an age where literacy is widespread due to Christian influence, such as the past 200 years of the influence of the Modern Missionary Movement worldwide, the opposition to literacy is more hidden.

But historically, where Christian influence is absent or diminished, literacy is absent or diminished.  Throughout history, outside of Western Civilization (which is the old Christendom) most of the peoples of the world have been illiterate.  The Roman Catholic organization kept literacy away from all but the chosen few during the height of their power in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Protestant Reformation.  Hindus in India opposed literacy for the lower castes, less they become educated and rebel from their servitude.  Southern slaveholders in the United States largely kept their slaves illiterate.  Pagan nations, throughout history have largely been nations without a written language at all!

And around the world today, Marxists-communists-socialists oppose literacy, beyond the understanding of roadsigns and basic propaganda messages, for all but their chosen elites.

They won’t come out and directly say that they want “the masses” to be illiterate (usually), but their actions have universally been effective to dumb down the formerly literate Christian West, and every once in awhile you can catch them in their own words saying that that was their plan, all along.

With the success of the American War for Independence, and the great spread of the Gospel that had occurred since the Reformation, a new tactic was deployed by the enemy.  In the name of “education”, children would be dumbed down.

This was the goal of the founders of modern education—from Andrew Bell to Robert Owen, from Horace Mann to John Dewey, the architects of modern education were committed to taking highly literate, logical thinkers who loved and feared God (that is to say, protestant Christians), and transforming them into a people who didn’t know how to read, couldn’t think logically, and (therefore) abandoned the Christian faith.

For example, in his treatise on education, Dewey wrote:

There is… a false educational god whose idolators are legion, and whose cult influences the entire educational system.  This is language study—the study not of foreign language, but of English; not in higher, but in primary education.

Do you see that?  His whole treatise is written kind of deceptively (of course!), but Dewey is calling out teaching children to read their own language as a cult, an idol.  He goes on to explain that the old approach of teaching children to read in the first few years of their education is, in his words, “a perversion”, and “superstition”.

In Crime of the Educators (from which these Dewey quotes are taken), authors Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman explain:

John Dewey…  In the late 1800s, he and his socialist colleagues decided to embark on a long-range conspiracy to radically change America by imposing their own utopian vision of a collectivist [communist] society. … Dewey stated that the only way to undermine the capitalist system was to get rid of the emphasis primary schools placed on the development of high literacy and independent intelligence.

Later in the treatise—the treatise that all modern education is based on—, Dewey warns his disciples:

Change must come gradually.  To force it unduly would compromise its final success by favoring a violent reaction.

In other words, parents aren’t going to be happy with their children being dumbed down; they will certainly catch on if we dumb them down too much in a single generation.  Therefore, we must dumb each generation down a little bit at a time.

These socialists were committed to building their socialist Tower of Babel over the course of many generations, even after their own deaths.

This is the educational philosophy on which all of modern education is built.

But inevitably, parents did notice.

In the 1940s and 1950s, shocking numbers of illiteracy surfaced.  For example, in World War II, 4% of the young men inducted into the Army were deemed illiterate, which was unthinkable to the parents of that generation.  But then, during the Korean War only a decade later, the illiteracy rate had risen to 19% of the young men.  Which caused these parents to ask, “Why can’t Johnny Read?”

If the goal of progressive education was to teach children to be highly literate so they could read their Bibles, educators would have immediately returned to using Noah Webster’s Blue Back Speller, and that would have been the end of that little crisis.  But alas, the nefarious forces behind government education were trying to solve a different problem:  They were trying to take a literate, God-fearing people and make them illiterate and apostate.

So in the midst of this crisis, how could the progressives convince parents to keep trusting government schools with their children, when their children were not being as well educated as the parents had been?

Progressive educators hatched a scheme to explain away their own failure to teach children literacy; in the words of Blumenfeld and Newman:

[T]eachers have been taught to blame academic failure on the children, not themselves. …

Of course, most teachers are unaware that they are complicit in this evil conspiracy.  They simply do what they were taught to do by their professors of education.  Few become aware that their professors deceived them and prepared them to create failure.  Most of these teachers are as much victims of the system as the students they are teaching.

Look at that again: “Teachers have been taught to blame academic failure on the children, not themselves.”

That’s what the “learning disabilities” scheme is all about.  It is simply a scheme to make parents accept that their children are not becoming literate.  It is a lie, told to parents, so that they will give up hope that many of their children will ever become highly literate.

And so the standards become lower and lower, and the parents are told that if they don’t like it, then they don’t love and accept their children “the way they are.”  We shouldn’t try to frustrate our children by trying to make them into something we’ve imagined, that they can never be.

For most homeschooling parents, there are books, videos, methods, and curriculums to help students overcome learning disabilities.  But every one of these begins with establishing the dogma that learning disabilities are characteristics that certain children are born with.

But our genetics hasn’t changed in the past 200 hundred years.  Or in the past 100 years!  Or—are you ready for this?—in the past 18 years.  Check out this 3-minute clip from a debate for who would be the next senator from Illinois, Alan Keyes or Barack Obama, from only 18 years ago:

Friends, I have a Master’s degree from a prestigious university, and I feel like I have to really put on my thinking cap to follow this debate, which was put on for average Illinois voters, only 18 years ago!

Things are continuing to get worse, one generation after another.  As bad as things had gotten for our grandparents, then our parents, then us—it’s continuing to (intentionally) decline.  It isn’t our genetics.

What has changed is that we have abandoned historically Christian methods for educating children and replaced them with methods crafted by men who openly wanted to dumb people down so that we would become willing servants in their communist/socialist Tower of Babel utopia.

Literacy is not a neutral topic.  It is a Christian value.  And the non-Christians who changed the way we approach literacy were serving their father, the father of lies, the devil.  The powers that be in that modern education structure claim that they want all children to be literate, but that is a lie.  Literacy is not a neutral value that all people desire.  It is very much a weapon for good, to demolish lies.  Literacy has many enemies, disguising themselves as angels of light, as it were.

So what is the truth about these kids with learning disabilities?

Continued in Part 3

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