The Logic of Love: Understanding 3


After grammar comes logic. After knowledge, understanding.

Get ready for a robust education patterned after the Puritans. The Understanding guides chart a course through upper school subjects like Logic, Greek, Natural Philosophy, and higher Mathematics—all thoroughly grounded in the scriptures. Students will further learn how to write with excellence, and study History, Geography, Speaking, and Christian Worldview.

The Puritan work ethic and education philosophy, in practice for modern homeschools.

Coming 2025, Lord willing.


The Logic of Love, being a Guide for the Homeschooled Student of Logic or Understanding, Who Desires a Most Excellent Education According to the Old Manner, in the Subjects of Logic or Dialectics, Specifically Including Study of the Entire Bible, the Languages of Latin and Greek, Logical Reasoning, and Natural Philosophy, Among Other Worthy Subjects, Including the Admonition to the Student that the Acquisition of Understanding, which Tendeth toward Pride, Must Ever Be Accompanied by an Eager Striving after Humility and Love toward Others, as Our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Commands us that: above all Knowledge Is Love, that the Student Might Keep Logic Submitted to the Command of Christ to Love One Another. Presented in Three Parts: Part the Third.

172 pages, layflat binding.

Coming 2025, Lord willing.


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