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Mini Scriptures Copybook

The riches of the wisdom of the Holy Scriptures are incomparable.  While there are lots of sources for copywork material, the best is God’s Word itself, living and active and powerful to save our children’s souls!  Hence, the Grammar of Grace Copybooks.

The Mini Copybook takes scriptures worthy of meditation and memorization and sets them on manuscript pages for daily copywork lessons, geared toward a student in his 3rd or 4th year of homeschooling.

The manuscript pages are lined in the equivalent of wide rule, and the sample text is written out in typeset, as it was in the old books, not with a machine-set, artificial cursive.

Be sure to print out your Mini Scriptures Copybook in full color!

The Mini Scriptures Copybook is a sample taken from the Grammar of Grace Second Copybook.  The full, printed version is sewn-bound with layflat pages, to make penmanship a pleasure!

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