Great Book Curriculum (Classic)

Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

This is the old version of the Bible reading plan I wrote for Grammar of Grace.  If buying the curriculum is the obstacle that keeps you from reading the Bible to your children, please take this plan and use it, with my blessing.  It’s laid out in 3 years instead of 4, and in 48 weeks to a year instead of 24, so it has shorter daily readings, but more days every year, so you actually get done faster.

I designed it to be a 5-10 minute addition to our book reading time; just simple reading, then move on. There are readings for 4 days a week, 48 weeks a year.  The idea is to complete all three “cycles” in 3 years, and then cycle back, so the children can hear the Bible read, again and again.


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