Wisdom's Way of Bonham, Texas

Wisdom’s Way of Bonham is bringing Noah Webster-style Christian classical education to Texoma homeschool families!

We meet on Tuesdays in Bonham’s historic town square.  Come visit during an Open House, attend an Info Meeting, or contact us to learn more.  And don’t miss this year’s Parent Practicum, which is free and open to the public!  See the Important Dates, below.

What is Wisdom’s Way?  Using Noah Webster and the early history of American education as our guide, children are taught English and the classical languages, history, geography, and much more, using the Bible as our primary textbook, supplemented by other beautiful and profitable literature.  Learn more!

What curriculum do we use?  Wisdom’s Way has our own Christian classical curriculum, Grammar of Grace.  Check out the rest of the website to learn all about it.


Info Packet

Important Dates

Tuesday, March 23rd

Open House

Join us for a Wisdom’s Way schoolday, and see Classical school for Christian homeschoolers in action.

9:00 am – 3:30 pm
402 N. Center Street, Bonham

Please respond to Audrie Farris at 903-209-8636 to reserve your spot.

Tuesday, March 30th

Informational Meeting

Learn about Wisdom’s Way and how it can be a part of your Christian homeschool.

7:00 pm
402 N. Center Street, Bonham

Please respond to Audrie Farris at 903-209-8636 to reserve your spot.

Saturday, June 5

2021 Practicum

Mark your calendar now!  Come for a day of in-depth training about Christian and classical education; open to the community, and registration is free!

2021 Theme:  American Classical Grammar School

2021 Sessions:

  • Making Noah Webster Cool Again
  • Teaching My Children Things I Never Learned in School?!?!
  • The Underground History of Education
  • Reading to Your Children―How, Why, and What
  • Teaching Our Children to Read the Classical Way (with Demo)
  • Teaching Our Children to Think
  • Panel Discussion―Q&A

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
402 N. Center Street, Bonham

Bring a sack lunch!

Contact Audrie Farris at 903-209-8636 to reserve your spot.

July 15th

Registration Deadline for 2021-2022!

Applications for the 2021-2022 schoolyear, along with application fees, are due by JULY 15, 2021.

Submit your application and fee in person to Audrie Farris.  Contact her at 903-209-8636 for mailing address or other information.  We can also be reached through the contact form, below.

July 16 - 17

Tutor Training

2021-2022 Christian Classical Tutor Training for all tutors and subs.  Wisdom’s Way parents are optionally invited to audit.

August 3rd

Tutor Planning

First Term Tutor Planning meeting.

6:30 pm
402 N. Center Street, Bonham

August 10th


2021-2022 Schoolyear Orientation.

6:30 pm
402 N. Center Street, Bonham

August 17th

First Day of School

First day of 2021-2022 Schoolyear.

9:00 am
402 N. Center Street, Bonham


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We’d love to hear from you at info@grammarofgrace.com.

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