Cycle 4

Tutor Lesson Plans

Cycle 4 Tutor Lesson Plans

Assembly Time:  The lesson plans don’t start out with this, but we added two things to our Assembly time each week:  We sing 2 verses of the WW Theme Song (one verse rotating each week, and verse 5 every week); and we ask the children to share anything they remember from the past week’s Bible Reading (in the back of Grammar of Grace).

Grammar of Grace Memory Lessons Teaching Notes

Timeline Handouts & Teaching Aids

Biblical Languages:  In Cycle 4, we used Shalom Alef Bet! workbook for our Biblical Languages class; every child had his own workbook, and we did three pages together in class, every week.  If you study your Cycle 1 Hebrew in Grammar of Grace, I think you’ll be able to figure out Shalom Alef Bet!  (I had to get a lot of outside help to figure that thing out the first time through, myself, but then I shared everything I learned in Grammar of Grace, so I think you’ll be a lot better off than I was!!)

Music Plan—Baroque


Geography & Art of Conversation:  Our first two years doing Wisdom’s Way together with friends, we were having the Art & Classical Music class every year, instead of every other year, but only for 24 weeks.  Then, the last 6 weeks of the year, we changed things up like this:  Instead of Grammar of Grace memory lessons (because we finished them all on Week 24!), we had Geography class; and instead of Art & Classical Music, we had The Art of Conversation class.


Each family in our local Wisdom’s Way has bought a copy of Exploring the World Through Cartography.  I’m not crazy about a lot of the text in that book, but it has some gorgeous maps that we love to use!  You will see pages in that book referenced in the Geography lesson plans.

The Art of Conversation Lesson Plan

Year-End Presentation


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