Cycle 1

Tutor Lesson Plans
Note:  This year of Wisdom’s Way was cut short by government mandates and church closures (spring of 2020); we only met through Week 24, and finished our Wisdom’s Way classes in our own homes for the final 6 weeks of the year (and there was no Year-End Presentation and celebration).

Cycle 1 Tutor Lesson Plans

Grammar of Grace Memory Lessons Teaching Notes

Biblical Languages: Greek

We used Koine for Kids, 3 pages each week, together in class.

Music Plan—Classical Period

The pieces I chose are in the weekly Tutor Lesson Plans.  I bought the 99¢ Big Haydn and Big Mozart Boxes, on digital download, on Amazon.

Art Copywork

We gave the children several weeks to work on each Art Copywork assignment, this year.  Sometimes, we would overlay a grid on top of the work to be copied, and give the children grid paper instead of plain paper, and instruct them to fill in one grid at a time (even if they could only copy one grid in a whole art class!).  Then, we might copy the same work again without the grid.  

We also spent several weeks doing Art Appreciation, using What Do You See?  Vol. 1, by Laurie Bluedorn.  You can buy the digital edition cheap for Kindle.  We would look at the pictures on a TV or laptop screen, and I would open up the questions on my iphone.  The children loved it and learned a lot.

The weekly assignments are written on the weekly Tutor Lesson Plans.


Year-End Presentation

That was canceled by the church shut-downs this year (2020), and the shut-downs happened so early that we had barely formed a loose outline of what we were planning to do; not really anything useable to share.


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