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You might think “Lesson Plans” is a bit of a grandiose title for these, once you see them!  But these are my lesson plans that I drew up and used every week, for tutoring at Wisdom’s Way.  I’m a paper and pen kind of girl. 🙂

I’ve also included all of the pictures I used for Art, handouts I used for Timeline and Geography, etc. 

This is my entire Tutor Notebook—everything I use for each Cycle and Year.  Please make use of whatever you find helpful!

Organization for Every Year

Admin & Promotional

2020-2021 WW Bonham Info Packet

Registration Form

We pay rent for a building with our tuition fees.  Tutors pay $250 for their first child’s tuition, and their tuition is capped there, no matter how many children they have.  

HSLDA Discount Group

You should do it.


I found this online.  Before I begin editing for the new schoolyear, I “Save As” and make a new copy.  

Orientation 2018, 2019 & 2020

Grammar of Grace—4 Cycles

Later Knowledge—3 Years


Color Divide  (background on p. 1 of Info Packet)

t-shirt  (This is the blue we wanted to use for t-shirts, but it turns out picking your own t-shirt background color is super expensive for only a few shirts, so we just went with navy blue backgrounds.  Still, this is the color we use for flyers and stuff.)

t-shirt_no background  (If you want to have t-shirts made, this is the image you want to use, with no background!)


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