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Latin, Greek, & Hebrew: Second Scriptures CD (download)

Children have an amazing capacity for learning language!  Preschool and grammar school age are ideal for exposing them to foreign languages!!

Introduce your children to Latin, Greek, and Hebrew with this memory CD!  Play it at home or in the car, and before you know it, your children will be reciting scriptures, in classical Latin, Greek, or Hebrew, and English!

We—Christian heirs of the Reformation—value teaching the biblical languages, because we want our children to know and understand God’s Word.  We understand how important it is to have access to it in the original Greek and Hebrew!

And many of the Christian heroes of the faith, from Augustine to John Calvin, from Jerome to Isaac Newton, wrote in Latin.  Next to Greek and Hebrew, Latin is the most valuable language for Christian children to learn.  (And a huge portion of the English language is, straight up, Latin, so it helps with English literacy, too!)

Get your free CD download, and then learn more about Noah Webster-style grammar school with the Homeschool Grammar School Newsletter!

The Latin, Greek, & Hebrew: Second Scriptures CD (download) is the Grammar of Grace Foreign Languages Cycle 2 audio (mp3 download)!

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